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Indian Subcontinent

Sri Lanka


Travel in Sri Lanka is a gentle, tropical wave. From the moment I landed, I felt enveloped by the warm hospitality, sultry ocean breezes and flavour-rich food.

Though the country has many shared historical and mythological connections with India, it is smaller, more tranquil and completely unique. I loved the lushness of the country, the beautiful beaches and the vital culture. Though small, I found an endless array of enticing things to do from visiting sacred sites and age-old monasteries to enjoying fine dining in chic Galle to exploring the diverse flora and fauna of the national parks. Sri Lanka was formerly called Ceylon, but before that, it was Serendip. And I did indeed find wonderful moments of serendipity there, such as chancing upon a herd of wild elephants while on jeep safari and meeting a group of Buddhist monks at the top of Sigirya, Lion’s Rock.

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