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Upper Himalayas


Nepal & Bhutan are both home to some amazing wildlife. The wilderness diversity present in these countries is similar to that of northern India as well as that of the upper Himalayas that stretch from Ladakh in India, though Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. The upper Himalayas is home to exceptional wildlife. This diversity is a result of the unique landscape and the weather conditions in the region. The fauna present here has much in common with that of Central Asia in general and that of the Tibetan Plateau in particular.

Exceptions to this are the birds, many of which migrate from the warmer parts of India to spend the summer in Ladakh. For such an arid area, Ladakh has a great diversity of birds — a total of 225 species have been recordedSome key mammals to look out for in these regions are the snow leopard, Himalayan wolf, Eurasian lynx, weasels, Himalayan fox, ibex, blue sheep and yak to name a few.

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